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FE2RIN training for FET projects: how to better validate research results and connect with early stage investors and crowdfunding sources

New projectsThe FET-Open CSA project FET2RIN’s main goal is helping researchers to learn how to rapidly develop and test novel solutions by gathering feedback. Many projects fail to generate impact, as startups fail to succeed on the market, by n

No sweat: Does high-intensity interval training work?

Get fit in 4-minute bursts – that’s what high-intensity exercise enthusiasts preach. A false vision – or a legitimate shortcut to a healthier you?

Veh über Stögers Training: "Kann jedem passieren"

Armin Veh war erst ein paar Tage Geschäftsführer beim 1. FC Köln, als er den ehemaligen Trainer Peter Stöger heftig kritisierte. Inzwischen hat der 56-Jährige gegenüber dem kicker nochmals Bezug auf seine Aussagen genommen und Verständnis für

The reasons behind a career change through vocational education and training

Aufsatz (Zeitschrift) Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Empirische Bildungsforschung Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik We report the results of qualitative research on adults who enrolled in a vocational and education training

When work comes first: young adults in vocational education and training in Norway

Aufsatz (Zeitschrift) Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Empirische Bildungsforschung Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik Since reforms implemented in 1994, vocational education and training (VET) in Norway has been integrated an

A decomposition of local labour-market conditions and their relevance for inequalities in transitions to vocational training

Aufsatz (Zeitschrift) Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Empirische Bildungsforschung Pädagogische Teildisziplin: Bildungssoziologie We investigate to what extent individual transitions to vocational training in Germany have been affected by local labour-

How Communication Training Leads to Superstar Teams

I’ve spent much of my life working in sales. That’s meant lots of time flying or driving on the way to meet a client. Typically, we’d meet in conference rooms if things went well, we’d do dinner. No matter what, we spent time fa

Training for a person with no CAD experience?

I am searching for a way to train people that have NO CAD experience.  The newly refined "Learning Center" is great - however, the material requires a basic understanding of CAD and parametric solid modeling.What resources do you suggest?

State, Local Officials Undergo Lidar Data Training

Premium:  Not Premium Primary Taxonomy:  Education, Training Woolpert provi

Mad Scientist in Training

Date:  Monday, August 7, 2017 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm Branch:  Lincoln

Guaranteeing quality job training in Switzerland and the US

US President Donald Trump’s administration is in talks with Swiss leaders about bringing Swiss-style vocational training stateside. In part two of our report, we compare the different approaches to overseeing apprenticeships. (Here’s part one e

New Options to Keep Refresher Training Interesting Available on...

Mastery Training Services has added a series of courses, produced by ERI Safety Videos, to provide a shorter version of popular safety training topics for organizations to use for re-training.(PRWeb August 01, 2017)Read the full story at http://ww

MasteryTCN™ Welcomes New Partner Digitec Interactive to the Training...

MasteryTCN™ announced a new partnership today with Digitec Interactive to offer the latest in video-based training content through the Knowledge Direct Learning Management Platform.(PRWeb August 02, 2017)Read the full story at http://www.prweb.c

Two samples of conclusion towards the training course operate

Two samples of conclusion towards the training course operate In some cases, it is much easier to go through a...続きを読む

Training sessions for the NPMS

How are you getting on with your monitoring your plot for the National Plant Monitoring Scheme?If everything is going swimmingly - thank you for taking part!If you feel that you need a bit more support - have you checked out all this year"s 

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