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Planet and people: new books for Anthropocene times

Fully embracing our connectedness with the biosphere will take rethinking how we see our objects and a new legal framework, argue two new books

YouTube’s bots aren’t protecting kids from all its nasty videos

YouTube has become the top source of videos for kids of all ages, but without transparency on its algorithms, it is hard for parents to trust

5 Ways That Playing with Pricing Can Sell More Books

Penny Sansevieri Many authors talk about the complexity of book marketing, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be that hard. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak here or there to give your books a lift. And with this being a new year, maybe it’s time

Catherine Eaton Skinner at Radius Books

Using a series of horizontal lines, she explores the possibilities for referencing external phenomena through abstraction, such as layers of water frozen into ice and the boundary of ocean and sky.

Tsukiji fish market: Old schooling for kids

A new year means new beginnings. For the Tsukiji fish market, that new beginning may finally arrive in 2018. News of the market’s closure in ...

We should teach kids how to use social media, not scare them off

A report into the social media habits of under 12s seems worrying, but children are unlikely to switch off, so they should learn how to safely navigate the online world

Noah ※ the kids aren"t alright

NOAH SAADA 31 ans ❖ Ancien traître, garde aujourd"hui ❖ Noble fauché ❖ Pacifiste Noah Saada, ce traître. ¤ caractère : Il est un peu fou, trop naïf et avec un sens de la justice qui le perdra dans les tréfonds de sa bêtise. Il a

Comment on Getting Signed Books From Me by Jacqueline

Uncle Hugo"s is literally my favorite bookstore in the entire world. I live 5 hours away, so I don"t get to go as often as I"d like. On one hand, that means I"m not constantly throwing money at tattered old SF paperbacks. On the o

Comment on Getting Signed Books From Me by David Buck

This seems like a great opportunity to fill in my collection. Thanks for the tip!

Gov. Wolf Signs Kids Health Coverage Bill, CHIP

Gov. Wolf has signed a bill guaranteeing state-level funding for a popular children"s health insurance program.

Computer Class: Keyboarding for Kids

Date:  Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm Branch:  Elmwood Park

African American Books & Discussion Club

Date:  Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 11:30am - 1:00pm Branch:  Wilder

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Musicality: From guitars and speakers to books and box sets, there"s something here for every taste and budget

The holidays are for spending time with your favorite people—friends, family, neighbors (maybe even kids and pets)—and one of the great unifiers is music. This year, as the world sometimes sounds unstable, there"s even greater value to simple joy

Hampshire nurseries ban kids from using glitter

CHILDREN are to be banned from using glitter at a group of nurseries due to concerns about the damage it does to the environment.

Inventor Workshop for Kids

Sub Header:  Youth Program Date:  Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 6:00pm

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