The economics of mobile retargeting

By Stefan BenndorfMaximizing the value of an existing customer base is increasingly important due to the growing penetration of global smartphones, the higher adoption and usage of mobile commerce, and the enhanced competition for global inventory.

La Rinascente shows off “natural habitat” in Milan district guide - Luxury Daily

Luxury Daily today - La Rinascente shows off “natural habitat” in Milan district guide Is eyewear on course to become fashion’s next statement accessory?

EBay brings reselling capabilities to “social organizer” app - Mobile Commerce Daily

Mobile Commerce Daily today - EBay brings reselling capabilities to “social organizer” app Urban Outfitters achieves 146 pc revenue increase through location targeting.

Mobile Minutes: Kenya"s mobile money Trump-free news Uber apologizes Verizon 5G

Today in mobile marketing – Kenya"s been schooling the world on mobile money for 10 years I ignored Trump news for a week. Here’s what I learned Uber CEO apologizes for company culture after harassment claims Verizon to offer 5G to select cust

Seventeen Magazine partners with Glam app for exclusive mobile looks

Seventeen Magazine is working with the Glam mobile application to bring a number of exclusive makeup looks to its mobile readers and customers.

Instagram CPM is still lower than Facebook, but not by much: report

Instagram’s ad product is still relatively nascent, but a recent report from Nanigans proves that brands are growing fond of its development under the aegis of parent company, Facebook.

Activia"s latest social video campaign offers empowering message for women

A new video campaign from Activia, optimized for mobile viewing, offers women an empowering message of self-confidence in the face of a world that is constantly downplaying what they can do.

How marketers can adjust to YouTube dropping unskippable 30-second ads

YouTube is dropping support for the 30-second unskippable ad format, phasing it out over the course of the year, meaning video marketers will have to adjust their strategy to fit shorter video formats.

Faculty Spotlight: Dom Peter Sidler Teaching Awards

Among the strengths of Portsmouth Abbey School are its "challenging academic curriculum rich in mathematics and science and built upon a signature humanities program," as well as the talented and dedicated faculty who implement our curriculum. Each y

Abbey Students Attend March For Life in Washington, D.C.

More than a dozen Portsmouth Abbey School students and chaperones attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C., from January 26-28. Portsmouth Abbey Spiritual Life Associate and Christian Doctrine teacher John Huynh organized the trip and served a

Ravens to Host EIL Wrestling Championship Tournament

Portsmouth Abbey School is excited to be hosting the Eastern Independent League Wrestling Championship Tournament this coming Saturday. The wrestling Ravens have enjoyed an exceptional season, and they have clinched the EIL regular season championshi

Enharmonix Headed for Berklee College Jazz Fest

We wish the best of luck to our Enharmonix jazz group and faculty advisor Music Director Jeff Kerr as they head to Berklee College of Music for the 2017 High School Jazz Festival on Saturday, February 11. Over the Abbey"s long Winter Weekend, the stu

Three Ravens Commit to College Lacrosse

Student-athlete Matt Plumb "17, a four-year starter in lacrosse at the Abbey, has been accepted early to Catholic University in Washington, D.C., to play college lacrosse next year. As a Raven this coming spring, Matt will serve as lacrosse team co-c

Wresting Ravens: EIL Champs, Heading to New Englands

Congratulations to the Portsmouth Abbey Varsity Wrestling team for clinching the league title in the EIL Tournament on Saturday, February 11, 2017. "Coming off a 22-0 dual meet season and some great tournament performances at the Battle of the Bay, a

Enharmonix Places Second in Prestigious Jazz Competition

Portsmouth Abbey School"s jazz vocal group Enharmonix competed in the Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, on February 11, 2017. Berklee"s annual event is the largest of its kind in the Uni
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